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A Piece of Paradise; Heaven on Earth [NEPAL]

Have you ever visited Nepal? Or looking forward to pay a visit in the coming days. Who knows maybe you have better rendezvous with Nepal even from the foreign lands. If you haven’t visited yet, then you might be missing something spectacular. Nepal, a small kingdom of Himalayas is the perfect blend of nature’s grandeur and gods’ generosity. Be it hiking through the lesser-known trails or flying along hot air balloon, mountain biking through the rugged settings of Upper Mustang, jumping off with a rope, an expedition to the world’s highest peak, Everest, Nepal is the mecca for holidays and to those travel junkies. Nepal never fails to amuse its visitors, wandering souls around the globe and their travel quest are also quenched to some extent with its vibes and calmness.

We believe this small piece of paradise is what one globe-trotter should keep on the top of his/her ‘bucket-list’. Nature Explore aspires to provide several bespoke travel and tours packages to visitors from all around the globe. We believe in good management. Our team strives to provide the best tours and travel options to our clients so that they can make the most out of their trip. From bird watching, jungle safaris, religious and cultural tours, hiking and trekking to peak climbing and expedition, Nature Explore offers a plethora of activities to adventurous humans out there.

Why Nature Explore? 

1.  Bespoke Tours and Travel Packages:

We offer you the customized travel packages around the nooks and corners of Nepal. If you have a short time in your pocket or you are a newbie hiker, then it the matter of our great pleasure to accept your custom made holiday package in Nepal and make it happen. Just we want to make your clear and sure about ‘we are here to make you feel comfortable as well as wonderful during the visit/stay”.

2. Myriads of options:

As mentioned above, we provide you with the oceans of options to explore beautiful Nepal. We have vivid insights regarding some common issues in Nepalese Tourism Industry like time, difficulty and destinations’ complexities. Here with Nature Explore, you can explore any parts of Nepal according to your time, money and convenience. 

3. Our dedicated and zealot team:

Our dedicated and passionate team always ventures to offer you guys the best travel experience while travelling Nepal. We are amiable, down-to-earth as well as helpful band of people always working hard to make the Nepalese Tourism Industry better than ever. Hence Nature Explore can guarantee your memorable stay/trip to Nepal.

4. Professional and down-to-earth guides:

Nature Explore is quite aware regarding guides and field professionals as guests have to deal and interact with them. We are providing knowledgeable guides with years of experience. They are much more compatible in both urban as well as the rustic periphery.  No worries!  They are certified personnel and have the ability to inform, entertain as well as incorporate with different scenarios.