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Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty | Upper Mustang Trekking in April | May | Autumn season.

Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty | Upper Mustang Trekking in April | May | Autumn season.

Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty | Upper Mustang Trekking in April | May | Autumn season.

Upper Mustang is located in Gandaki Province, in the Mustang District of western Nepal. It is one of the major historical attractions and a culturally rich protected area of Nepal. 75% of people in this area are Buddhist and 25% are Hindu, but the majority of the population that lives around the capital Jomsom and in the southern part of the district is Hindu. Thousand-year-old monasteries and people’s traditional lifestyle, which are examples of beginning human civilizations, can be seen in every Mustang village. Lo-Manthang Valley is the biggest valley and the main attraction of the Upper Mustang trek. Even today, the Upper Mustang people have their own king, who lives in the royal palace in the middle of the Lo-Manthang valley. Local people from Mustang respect the royal family very much. However, the king is under the authority of Nepal’s government.

All seasons are suitable to visit Mustang, but the spring season is windier, especially in the afternoon, and the winter is quite cold. During the autumn, which is a popular trekking season here in Mustang, there are generally clear skies and great views of the southern Himalayas and the high altitude desert landscapes of Mustang. For trekkers who cannot visit in the autumn or spring seasons but want to do a trek in summer, Mustang is one of the best destinations. This is because the Mustang region is located behind the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges. During the summer monsoon, most of Upper Mustang stays dry and sunny, so it is a very comfortable and good time to visit.

Most of the trail in Upper Mustang is not very steep. This trek is medium/hard difficulty because the beginning part of the trail ascends slowly for the first 2-3 days, but after reaching Lo-Manthang Valley, the altitude may affect your energy level. Drinking a lot of water and ascending slowly are the best ways to avoid altitude sickness. The government of Nepal has put Upper Mustang on a protected area list. To visit Upper Mustang, you need a minimum of two people; trekking permits cost $500 USD per week and $50 per person for each additional day. Permits are issued by the Nepal Department of Immigration, and individuals are not allowed to apply for permits; tourists must apply through a government registered trekking company. Trekkers are also required to have an officially licensed guide and porter.

Upper Mustang  overland Tour

Upper Mustang overland Tour

After the driving rode build in this walking trail is almost destroyed, and a number of people would like to go upper must by overland tour. The general trekking itinerary for upper mustang was 10 to 12 days, but if you go by Jeep then 4 to 5 five days would be good enough time for exploring the whole upper mustang hidden valley.

You can easily get a Jeep from Pokhara or Jomsom, then generally local jeep can drive a very long way, but you can go slowly and as you wish to stop in a nice place then you can stop and spend your night.

Even if you go by jeep you wouldn’t miss any highlights of this valley, the Jeep rode is reached until the end of the Upper Mustang valley. Where you like a nice place and want to stop for a photographer or spend your quality time with beautiful nature, the culture you can stop there.

The different by walk and drive is, if you go by trek or walk you will see more things and you go as slow or fast as you wish and good enough acclimatization, and it wouldn’t be a problem with high altitude, because of you will do many ups and downs during the walk and you will feel how hard or easy Upper mustang trek yourself. By walk no rush and no hurry, more time talk and meet local people and by a walk across several pristine Tibetan villages and monasteries, Chorten, Mane walls, and Pry flags many more

If you chose by Overland to Upper mustang visit then you will complete this trek quickly and not a long time to spend there, within a short time you have to keep in your mind so many things quickly, sometimes while you driving through the beautiful landscapes of upper Mustang you might miss to take photograph or enjoying to watching from a close distance, you can also feel sleep during the drive and missed the majorities of goods things from this hidden valley. The good things by the drive are, you will skip hard walks of lots ascending and descending, not much feel tired, hide the dust and pollution from car drive, explore the whole upper mustang valley in a short time, save the time, etc..

If you have not a long holiday in Nepal or you are not fit and fine for a walk in the mountain then by the drive to go upper mustang is perfect, but if you are well feet and fine and want to explore more by foot then by the trek is always great memories and deep experience of a trek for you.

Upper Mustang Trek Outline Itinerary

Upper Mustang Trek Outline Itinerary


1.    Arrive at Tribhuwan international airport (Kathmandu) and transfer you’re your Hotel. (alt. 1300m)

2.    Upper mustang trek preparation day.

3.    Drive or fly to Pokhara by drive 6 to 7 hours and by fly 30 minutes only. ) alt. 740m.

4.    Early morning fly to Jomsom and trek to Kagbeni (alt.2800m) 4 to 5 hours.

5.    Trek from Kagbeni to Chele or Sommar, 5 to 6 hours  (alt 3500m)

6.    Trek from Sommar to Ghiling, 5 to 6 hours. (Alt. 3480m)

7.    Trek from Ghiling to Tsarang via Ghami, 6 to 7 hours, (alt 3850m)

8.    Trek from Tsarang to Lo- man thang villages. 4 hours, (alt. 3800m)

9.    Exploration day around the Chhonkor cave and Lo- Manthang.

10.  Trek back to Ghami via the  upper trail.  6 to 7 hours (alt. 3600m)

11. Trek back to Chusang , 6 to 7 hours.( alt.2870m)

12 . Trek to Muktinath temple 5 hours.( alt, 3800m)

13 . Trek back to Jomsom  5 hours ( you can also take jeep drive back to Jomsom if you want. 

14.  Early morning fly to Pokhara from Jomsom ( 30 minutes). your trek is ends here.

Note: This is only our tentetively suggesting itinerary so you can cotomize your trip and itinerary, we are the flexible in making a plan anytime.. 


Upper Mustang Trek permits  and Guide Cost.

Upper Mustang Trek permits and Guide Cost.

When you plan for Upper mustang trek, you have to buy a restricted area permits and hire a local guide is necessary, because of Upper Mustang is restricted area of Nepal. You can buy restricted permits in Kathmandu before your trek begins, for upper mustang permits you have to go through the trekking agency in Kathmandu and to obtain these types of permits you need to be minimum 2 people, with physical passport, your Nepal arrival visa with you, passport size photos, more documents are inquiry from immigration office.  Single trekkers also can visit alone to Upper Mustang, but you have to buy two permits it’s the rules of governments.

Upper mustang restricted permits fee is $500 per head  for first 10 days and then if you stay more than 10 days then you have to pay per day $50 per day per person. Minimum for first 10 days you have to buy permit, as well you need Annapurna conservation area permits which is cost $30 per head and it’s valid for one month.

Guide Cost:

Guide is compulsory in upper mustang trek, without guide you are not allowed to trek upper mustang, guide has to be license holder from governments of Nepal, and upper mustang is restricted area. Guide is very important during this trek  for explain the a pristine histories about upper mustang , upper mustang is very reach in culture and landscapes , if you have a professional guide then he or she can explain everything  in details , so always choose a excellent guide who have been there and know more about the upper mustang  very well.

The best  time to visit Upper Mustang Trek

The best time to visit Upper Mustang Trek

The best time to visit upper mustang is April –May – June – August, and September- October, and November is the perfect time to visit this valley of Nepal.

Autumn and spring is always beautiful season here, very less chance to rain and cold temperature will be ascending into the Himalaya, in spring and autumn season the temperature will be a warm and good atmosphere in the mountains, you will see clear Mountain View, not snowing, not much cloudy and fuggy compare to the winter season in Nepal. So we would highly recommend going upper mustang in the autumn or spring season.

December, January and February, and early March is winter in Nepal, and in upper mustang, it will be snowing and cold temperature. So most of the trekkers visit this place in spring-fall and autumn fall.

Even in the monsoon season you can trek in upper mustang because of upper mustang valley is known is the less rainy region of Nepal. Compare to another region of Nepal in upper mustang it will be very few chances to rain even in the monsoon season.

Important  tips for Upper mustang trek

Important tips for Upper mustang trek

1.       Carry – 8 to 12-degree warm slapping bag.

2.       Pack your bag with warm enough clothes and water and windproof trekking boots.

3.       Ask extra blankets at a tea house, which you can use on top of your sleeping bag.

4.       Take a wind and waterproof jackets, trousers and gloves.

5.       Wear the right cloth, which we suggested an itinerary or here.

6.       Drink a minimum of 3 to 4 letter water per day, including Hot, tea, or coffee.

7.       Pack some dry snacks and energy bars, which you can eat them anytime when you feel hungry.

8.       Pack your bag Light as much as you can. (only necessary clothes, rest you can store them in Kathmandu or Pokhara)

9.       Do not walk fast in high place; go slowly as you can, never push yourself.

10.   Eat hygienic food and drinks and stay in a nice tea house.

11.   Don’t be excitements, go at the same level of walk always.

12.   Respect for local and be a friend with them.

13.   If you want to make a photograph of local people then first ask them.

14.   Support locals with eating organic food and drinks, your money will go directly to them.

15.   Do not use plastic bags, or mineral water bottle, buy treated water from a community

16.  Safe nature we want to keep this nature for our next generation.

Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty

Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty

Upper Mustang trek is not that much harder trekking route likely other adventure trekking routes in Nepal. Upper mustang trek is easy / medium trekking routes in Nepal. You will start your trek from alt. 740m at Pokhara and at last high altitude is 3800 to 3900m in Lo – manthang which is ends destination of Upper mustang trek.

After a scenic  short flight from Pokhara to Jomsom ,  basically you will start to walk from Jomsom or if you want to hide a driving rode ,and want to take jeep ahead to Kagbenin  - Tetang -  Chhusang  you  go by drive then start walk . The elevation is same as Jomsom for today even if you go further by jeep.  You won’t feel directly higher altitude in this trek, the altitude rising up gradually day by day. Most of the walking path is go smoothly easy gradually; along the trail you will cross several below 4000m passes before you reach in Lo- Manthang , every day you will walk 5 to 6 hours, start your day after breakfast at tea house, and after 3 to 4 hours walk  take a  break for lunch and  few more hours walk to last destination of the day. Per day you will ascend 250 to 350m high. On this trek you will do several acclimatize (ups and down through the hills) so it will be helping for high altitude digest as well.

If you feel already tired and not much energy left with you so here is option that you can hire a local jeep and can go by jeep. So Upper mustang trek is not hard trekking route as other treks in Nepal.   I would highly recommend to anyone interested to see beautiful hidden valley of Nepal.

Final Say

Final Say

Upper mustang trek is one of the most popular trekking routes in Nepal. this route also most externship permits trek in Nepal,  this short and sweet trek gives you a big chance to explore the old buddies monasteries,  culture, religions, and local people's basic lifestyle. Also, you would miss the chance to see mount Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. This is an easy-medium trek route in Nepal so basic exercise is good enough for this trek. No age restriction for this trek, any age group people can visit this area, if you are not well fit and fine for a walk then still you can explore this hidden valley by drive, nowadays four-wheel jeeps can drive there.  Permits are $500 per person for this trek but food and accommodation are the same cost is same as Annapurna and Everest region.  this is not higher and adventure trekking and there is no difficult high pass so it’s an easy trekking route compare to other treks route in Nepal. So we suggest you please make a plan to visit this place once in your lifetime for a great trekking experience.

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